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March 19, 2006
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red firewall 1 v0.93 by rotane red firewall 1 v0.93 by rotane
After v0.55, v0.63, and v0.81 I present v0.93 of the red-firewall wallpaper-series. My 1st entry to the Multi Monitor Mayhem Contest.

For this version I dumped the Japanese kanji of v0.81 again, added some more units, and made it more fiery in general. And a lot of smaaaall updates here and there that probably only I am noticing. ;) Also finally highest quality jpg-compression, therefor twice the size. But you know, size does matter.

PS: Still compatible to my Winamp-skin.

PPS: I also got plans and dummies for a red firewall 2 series that basically will be a 3D-version of this. So stay tuned!

PPPS: And yes I know, I should've called this orange firewall in the first place...

PPPPS: Moved back into the Multidisplay wallpaper category so more people can find it.

The complete red firewall 1 WP series:
:bulletred: red firewall 1 v0.55 (dual).
:bulletred: red firewall 1 v0.63 (dual).
:bulletred: red firewall 1 v0.81 (dual).
:bulletred: green firewall 1 v0.8 (dual).
:bulletgreen: this one: red firewall 1 v0.93 - MMM edit (dual).
:bulletred: blue firewall 1 v0.94 (wide).
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it's so great! windows should look like this ^^
rotane Dec 20, 2006   General Artist
Yeah why not! I'd like the shift from blue to red :)
that's awesome!! what program(s) did you use to make it?
rotane Aug 30, 2006   General Artist
Thanks! And it's all done in Adobe Photoshop.
I love this wall sooooo much. Have you ever considered adding widgets for something like DesktopX?
rotane Aug 27, 2006   General Artist
I already sent you a note, but other people might be interested in that as well, so..

Yeah I tried it once, but I never got far and it was always eating too many ressources - CPU-power mainly (even with graphics-card-acceleration enabled), but that was at least 6 months ago, so I'm not up-to-date on the current DesktopX development. But on top of that, my current busy schedule (being abroad and having a job) prevents me from doing any artsy stuff anyways. But as soon as my life gets back to normal and I have a bit of time on my hands, I will look into it.
This looks a lot like the 'Firewall' in the game TRON 2.0!
Plus it's seckseh :D

Aaaand since i got a Laptop like 2 days ago i can use it nicely :P
rotane Mar 24, 2006   General Artist
YES, that was my inspiration behind it!
Great you like 'em :)
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